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Charcoal VitC Mud Mask (50g, 1.8oz) (Skin brightening, Skin recovery, Detoxifying, Pore Shrinking, Anti-black head...)

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Our Charcoal VitC Mud Mask (old name: Recovery CC Mud Masque) is made from Moroccan Rhassoul clay, Activated charcoal and is rich in Vitamin C and minerals. Vitamin C helps brightening your skin, reducing dark spots while the clay and activated charcoal help removing toxins from the skin, clearing blackheads and minimizing pores, leaving you a healthy glowing skin with anti pollution benefits. This RECOVERY CC MUD MASQUE is a wonderful choice for professional spas and for your luxurious at-home spa treatment as well ! 


POINT 1:   A black mask which leaves you a whitened skin after washed off !

POINT 2:  You're able to enjoy a professional facial mask treatment with more reasonable price, and of course, it's AT-HOME! 

POINT 3: Water-based formula which is non-comedogenic. Good for all skin types. Perfect even for oily skin and sensitive skin. 

POINT 4: The mask will absorb all impurities and dead skin cells on the surface, leaving you a clarified skin and smooth after-feel. It's wonderful to use before makeup as it helps your makeup be smoother and stay longer on the skin. 

POINT 5: This product is Vegan


  • ✓All skin types (oily, dry, normal, combination)
  • ✓Sensitive skin 
  • ✓Skin with breakouts


  • ✓Skin Brightening
  • ✓Anti Blemish
  • ✓Skin Reccovery
  • ✓Detoxifying
  • ✓Anti pollution
  • ✓Pore minimizing
  • ✓Blackheads clearing 
  • ✓Anti-acne
  • ✓Oil balancing  

This product also helps

  • ✓Anti-aging
  • ✓Gentle exfoliating 
  • ✓Softening 
  • ✓Non-comedogenic


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★VITAMIN C has been praised for skin brightening and anti-blemish benefits. It helps reducing dark spots and blemish as well.  Vitamin C defends against free radicals and shields skin from the visible impacts of pollution. It is also an antioxidant, which help boosting collagen production. 

★ATIVATED CHARCOAL: Draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin, helps to recovery your skin from toxins, leaving you a flawless complexion and glowing skin. It also helps to clear blackheads and fight acne while minimizing skin pores and giving you anti pollution benefits.

★MOROCCAN RHASSOUL CLAY is a well-known ingredient used in luxurious spa lines. It enriches your skin with minerals. It also works as a very mild exfoliant, gently removing dead and dry skin cells to leave you with clarified skin, while minimizing your pores and reducing oily skin as well. 



-Cleanse your face, then apply the mask by hand or by our mask brush (hard type) specially designed for these clay masks. (If you buy the brush together with the mask, you will get $4 discount on the brush)
-Leave on 15~20 minutes. The mask will dry out and harden.
-Moisten, and gently scrub to remove.
-Use our toner, serum and moisturizer.

WHEN TO USEAnytime in a day. Once ~ twice per week.

    ORDER TO APPLY:  Face cleanser  RECOVERY CC MUD MASQUE → (rinse off) → Toner → Serum/Emulsion  → Moisturizer 

      HOW TO STORE: Good to keep at room temperature. Avoid direct sun light.

      ATTENTION!  The mask may dry out overtime. Keep it sealed tightly.


      This product was created with our mindful formulation. Here is a special message we would like to deliver to you about the product.


      ✓ Certified Organic Ingredients
      ✓ Fresh Natural
      ✓ Non-GMO
      ✓ Cruelty-Free
      ✓ Vegan (if product has vegan tag)
      ✓ Eco-friendly
      ✓ Made in USA
      ✓ Made by Science
      ✓ Made with Love ♡
      How these values are important to you?


      ✖ Parabens
      ✖ BHA/BHT (preservatives)
      ✖ Silicones, Siloxanes
      ✖ SLS, SLES
      ✖ Synthetic Colorants
      ✖ Synthetic Fragrances
      ✖ Phthalates
      ✖ MEA/ DEA/ TEA
      ✖ Mineral Oil
      ✖ Petroleum Jelly
      ✖ Triclosan
      ✖ Talc
      ✖ Microbeads
      ✖ Lead
      ✖ Chemical sunscreens
      ✖ And other toxics...
      How these ingredients affect your health?


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