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Are you looking customized cosmetics only for your Resort, Hotel, Ryokan, Airbnb ?

Let your customers feel like your service is specially set up for them! Handmade soap, All-Natural Body wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, Organic Body Lotion, Skincare items, etc., we can do everything for you. You will have special amenities, or you will have unique cosmetics sold only at your places, under your brand name !


Are you running a Skincare Spa ?

You're using skincare items from some cosmetic brands and also selling them at your spa? Well, it was good that you got good deals to buy them. But wait! You can save more, as we can do more for you! How? Also, are you thinking of selling cosmetics which can be purchased ONLY at your spa? You can definitely do that, too! Let us help you! View more details here.


Are you running a Nails Salon ?

You know manicure is one of cosmetic items which contain a lot of harmful chemicals. And maybe you haven't known that our non-toxic 7-FREE manicures we developed will satisfy all your customers due to its safeness and efficacy. Do you want to be the first Nails Salon who has this special service? Contact us! Let us help you increasing your salon's brand !


You have a business which is a Makeup House or Wedding House?

Your customers will feel happy and lucky when they found you, because what you bring to them is not only a "beautiful makeup" but also a "healthy and nutritious makeup". We can customize non-toxic makeup, mineral makeup, organic makeup, natural makeup, or any makeup items you want. Just for you! 


Do you want customized shampoos, conditioners, etc. for your Hair Salon?

When your customers love what was being used at your salon, they'll definitely come again! We will customize those for you! Any texture, any scent, any color! Whatever it's shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, hair mist, or anything else. Our customized items will make your Hair Salon much more special to your customers!


Do you want your supermarket/ stores become more unique than the competitors ?

You're the owner/ manager of supermarkets, stores or shops, and trying to differentiate your brand from the others? You're looking for a partner who can help to customize high-quality and unique cosmetics & personal care products, only for your brand? We are absolutely able to help. Just tell us what you want to have !


We develop and manufacture customized cosmetics for each customer, with flexible quantity depending on your needs. You are our valuable customer! Let us be your partner and help you to raise your brand's value! WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE US ?