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Welcome to DR.HC Cosmetic Lab! Our lab is a small batch, boutique "Made in Silicon Valley” cosmetic manufacturer founded by Dr. Catherine (Dr. C) in the Bay area, California, USA. As an experienced cosmetic scientist working for years on developing skincare and cosmetics, her desire to share the abilities and knowledge of truly clean cosmetics and cosmeceuticals with others inspired her to start DR.HC Cosmetic Lab. We were tiny but are enjoying growing up day by day. And we've never forgotten our roots as a small, spirited business with big Passion and great Love for Nature & Science.

At DR.HC Cosmetic Lab, we have dedicated years to developing and creating Healthy, Scientifically Effective & Eco-Friendly Organic, Natural, Vegan cosmetics and personal care products. We feel extremely fortunate that our desires for a better world can be translated into the products that help you live better lives. With our wide range of safe and high-quality products, including skincare, makeup, hair & body care, bath products, and perfumes, as well as our special selections for moms & kids, men, skincare selections based on skin troubles, you will find here everything you need. And you’ll never have to choose between safe ingredients and healthy skin or gorgeous results ♥

Discover our brands here! And remember, we're always here to help you with any questions you may have. Relax & enjoy !!!



▷1769 Hillsdale Ave #24885, San Jose, CA 95154, United States


(+1) 408-508-5671