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This page shows the Dropshipping Annual Membership Fee. After paying fee, you can start dropshipping our products in one year (then you need to renew). There’s no limitation of product numbers you can dropship. However, some products (such as the ones stocked outside the USA and products for "wholesale only") are not subject to dropshipping. Products stocked in USA can be shipped globally. Our cosmetics are Made in USA, our company and our main warehouse are in the USA.

Here's what you will receive after paying the membership fee and getting approved:

  • A dropshipping retailer account on our website.
  • A special discount code (the code is effective for one year from the date of issue). 
  • We will grant you the rights to import our products into your store, as well as approve your request to import products via 3rd apps if applicable (The registered dropshipping retailer will be allowed to use our products' descriptions & images for dropshipping purpose, without editing them).
  • Tools to import our products into your store (see details below)



Only 2 steps:

  1. SEND US AN INQUIRY by filling out this form (1~2 minutes to complete). The information you fill out in this form must be the information of the store's owner.
  2. PAY ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE. Please place an order with this "Dropshipping Membership" and complete your payment (click "Add To Cart" just like you are purchasing a physical product, then open the shopping cart and finish your payment). You can pay by PayPal or Credit cards via secure checkout on our website. If you wish to manually send money, allow us up to 1 business day to confirm your manual payment.  

We recommend you do the 2 steps above at a same time so that it's easier for us to review your application and proceed your dropshipping request (you usually hear back from us  within 1~2 business days). 



  • When customers place order on your store, you go to our website , login into your dropshipping account and place order with the same items, but use the discount code we gave you to get discounted prices from us.
  • You send us the invoice if you want us to print and send it together with the items (This is OPTIONAL). The shipping address when you place order with us is your customer’s address, NOT YOUR ADDRESS.
  • We will ship the package directly to your customers.

If you dropship our products via some 3rd app, the process may not be the same as above. We will approve you as our retailer via the apps. You need to follow instructions of the apps, or contact app support for any questions you may have relating to dropshipping via the apps.



After you pay the annual membership fee and become our dropshipping retailer, we will guide you tools to import our products. These are the tools we can give:

  • Send you a CSV (excel) file of product descriptions and images
  • or: Send you a product feed (.xml)
  • or: Approve you via 3rd party apps
  • or: Give you instructions on how to get our products’ information if you want to manually upload them one by one (copy/paste). This way works with all stores & all platforms.

You are responsible for importing the products into your store or asking for technical supports from the pIatform you use. 



  • This annual dropshipping membership fee is non-refundable for any reason.
  • We may change our products' information (such as, updating new product images, changing the packaging, etc.) with or without noticing. If you use the product feed .xml or 3rd party apps, your store should be automatically updated. However if you import products via CSV file or manual upload, you might need to request an updated CSV file or manually update the product information by yourself. 
  • The information we provide to you is for use in your store only, for dropshipping purpose only, and for the registered retailer only. Only the registered store owner can use the information we provide. Transfering/ Selling information or similar behaviors are not allowable.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any service to anyone for any reason at any time. We reserve the right to terminate this dropshipping partnership to anyone for any reason at any time, especially when retailers are considered to be unqualified to distribute our brand products to customers or retailers have behaviors which might damage our brands or the partnership. 
  • By joining this dropshipping program, you agreed to the above terms and conditions and also agreed to our company's Terms & Conditions.



What's the difference between dropshipping and wholesale? Can I dropship your products with my logo? etc. --> See our FAQs here.



Ask a Question
  • i would like a listing of your product to integrate into my woo-commerce store. How do I go about getting a list.

    Hello Amanda,
    Please email to and let us know your dropshipping account email, we can send you an updated CSV file. Thank you.

  • Do you private label or blank label products to support dropshipping branding? What is the shipping time for both domestic and international customers?

    Hi Kirtis,
    We do private label or blank label products. You can learn more about our Custom Cosmetics service here.
    We don't stock and dropship your customized products, however, if you use our customize service, we can introduce you other third parties who can help you with inventory management and dropshipping your products.

    Regarding to our dropshipping program, please refer here for domestic & international shipping time

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