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(From Dr. Catherine H. - Founder of DR.HC Cosmetic Lab)


"I concern about SAFETY as I see through the Ugly Face of the Beauty World..."

I've been working as a cosmetic R&D and lab manager for years to develop new cosmetic products before settling down with DR.HC Cosmetic Lab. The more experienced I became as a cosmetic scientist - an insider who sees through each product, each ingredient - the more I'm able to notice of a lot of health concerns that the people who only see products from the outside (such as sellers, bloggers ...) and billions of consumers never see. Many concerns have left into my mind about chemicals (cosmetic ingredients) I had to come into contact with. Some could go from no-harm to highly toxic with just a little overdose, some should not be inhaled or be contacted directly to skin, and a lot of them with extremely high level of potential harm in long-term use. More than 13,000 chemicals are used in the cosmetics, but less than 10% of them are really safe. Studies showed that women put on their faces and bodies about 168 types of different chemicals every day, including those with high levels of toxicity and potential harms of cancer or infertility. How can you accept such "ugly" chemicals on your skin???


"I concern about EFFECTIVENESS as I know how marketing may change the fact..."

"New invented technologies & chemicals are more effective to skin than what are sourced from Nature", you may think so, or marketting makes you think so, but that's completely wrong! For mass-marketed cosmetics, due to price competition as well as the demand to keep products for a very long time, it is difficult to avoid using a lot of chemicals. Many manufacturers do not hesitate to use chemicals that are easy to cause irritation or health effects in the long run. They may be covered by "good sensory" or "good after-feel", but in fact, those chemicals and fillers don't really bring any real benefit to your skin and your health. They cannot win the power of Nature! So don't look at the catch copies, instead, look at the full ingredient lists which will tell you if a product is really effective!


"That's why we are here!"

With the purest organic & vegan cosmetics which are sourced from Nature, backed by Science and Made with Love, we would love to bring you a truly SAFE & EFFECTIVE choice to take care of your beauty & health! And as a scientist, I know how truly they will benefit your skin and health. And as a women, I am experiencing clean beauty by myself and happy with my skin. JOIN US, GO CLEAN, YOU'LL WIN! That's our promise to you. Thank you for coming and listening to our massage. Let's be beautiful, be healthy together!

Powered by Nature
Backed by Science
Made with Love!