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From Dr. Catherine H. - Founder of DR.HC Cosmetic Lab:
I have been working as a cosmetic R&D and lab manager for years to do research and develop new cosmetic products before I decided to settle down with DR.HC Cosmetic Lab in the Bay area. I know how much chemistry brings civilization to humankind. The nature of chemistry is not bad; it only becomes bad when people abuse it for improper purposes. The skin irritation with cosmetics on the market has left me with many concerns about the thing called "cosmetics". When working in cosmetic R&D labs, I started to be "enlightened" a few things. I myself had the feeling of being "bewildered and confused" when I had to come into contact with cosmetic ingredients, which could emit toxic gas at high temperature. In addition, just a little overdose could make the ingredients go from harmless to highly toxic. There are ingredients that should not be inhaled or be contacted directly to skin, and a lot of ingredients with extremely high level of potential harm with long-term use... I was always wondering if we are actually look forward to "being beautiful" from such dirty ingredients? Why do we accept such chemicals on our faces and bodies ??? 

The more experienced I became as a scientist in this cosmetic world - an insider who sees through each product, each ingredient - the more I'm able to notice of a lot of health concerns that the people who come in contact with the product from the outside (like marketers, sellers, bloggers ...) never see. And, of course, that's what billions of consumers never see: The UGLY face of the BEAUTY world! More than 13,000 chemicals are abused in the cosmetic industry, but less than 10% of them are safe. According to some prestigious organizations in the United States working on the safety of chemicals in cosmetics and personal care productswomen put on their face and body about 168 types of different chemicals every day, including those with high levels of toxicity and potential harms of cancer or infertility. 

For cosmetics, besides processing techniques, the most important things are the sources of raw materials and how you combine and formulate the ingredients... These two factors also play decisive roles in the SAFETY of the products. All reputable manufacturers must pay attention to SAFETY. However, how much they care about it is another thing. With mass-market cosmetics, due to price competition as well as the demand to keep products for a very long time, it is difficult to avoid using a lot of chemicals. That's not to mention, just to create a feeling of "good sensory, good after-feel," the ways in which products deceive user psychology. Many manufacturers do not hesitate to use chemicals that are easy to cause irritation or health effects in the long run. Of course, those don't really bring any real benefit to the skin. I feel worried  because consumers are always blinded from the true nature of a product. Why choose cosmetics made from chemicals & fillers while natural ingredients are really effective savers for our skin? Why waste money on chemicals and advertising, but not spending on what really benefits your skin? If consumers have a chance to KNOW (as I was lucky to), I believe they will CHOOSE to leave chemicals.


With premium pure and fresh Organic & Natural Cosmetics which are Truly Effective based on Scientific Research, we would like to bring you all A WORTHY CHOICE FOR YOUR BEAUTY:





Besides the main work at laboratory, my biggest hobby is nothing more than learning up-to-date cosmetics techniques, information and trends, as well as handcrafting cosmetics. I love nature, love creativity, and love making and seeing what was created from humans' brains and hands. Not only as a scientist, but as a woman who has sensitive skin, I completely understand how important it is to use high quality cosmetics and personal care products in order to protect your skin and your health. I'm rarely bothered by acne or any skin trouble now, even though I used to have big problems with acne when I was a teenager. Now my skin is in very good condition. Sometimes there are some acne spots, but they will disappear shortly without taking any care. This is thanks to the power of the organic and natural-based, safe and clean cosmetics I'm dedicated to taking care of my skin with. That's why I always recommend that everyone take care of their skin with pure and healthy cosmetics products. No matter what they are - skin care or makeup or even bath and body-care products - I'm always using cosmetics made from high-grade ingredients with clean formulas. This is because I know how truly effective they are, as well as the benefits they bring to skin and health

At DR.HC Cosmetic Lab, we are trying our best to fulfill the mission: Creating high-quality, clean, safe & effective Organic/Natural/Vegan cosmetics and personal care products in order to bring to people all around the world smart solutions to take care of their beauty and health, and help them to live a better life. That's our promise to you! We hope you enjoy truly wonderful beauty experiences with DR.HC. Join us!