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Have you ever wonder why your "natural cosmetic" bottles have ingredients that even don't sound like "natural" at all? Like butylene glycol, ozokerite wax, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, and something. And have you ever wonder why the "natural" cosmetics you're using in which you believe there're a lot of nutritious natural ingredients as they advertised don't really show any efficacy on your skin? 

Let Dr. Chau - our cosmetics scientist who has been developing products for hundreds of cosmetic brands worldwide for years tell you the answer for that big question in the article bellow. Even though "Natural Cosmetics" is extremely popular term to all of us, we're sure 99.99% of consumers all around the world don't really understand what it really means and how it is used in cosmetic industry.



99.99% of consumers are thinking that Natural Cosmetics are completely made from natural ingredients or at least the most of the ingredients are natural or natural derived. To them, that also means Natural Cosmetics are totally safe and chemical-free. Aren't you one of them?

I have been working on developing new cosmetics for years for many brands in Japan and United States. I realized that there's a big difference in what a manufacturer are thinking about "natural cosmetics" and what a consumer is thinking about. Do you know that thousands and thousands of cosmetic manufacturers all around the world are thinking that "Natural Cosmetics" is just cosmetics which have natural ingredients. Yes, they do have natural ingredients, but it doesn't mean that most ingredients of the composition are natural or natural derived.

So, how different are the two definitions above? Let's say, you have a "natural" aloe face cream in which there's only 1% of aloe extract and the rest are just water, mineral oils, synthetic surfactants, synthetic thickeners, preservatives and some additives. Yes, the face cream can be still made with those ingredients. I'm sure that if you know the formula, you won't call it "a natural face cream". In fact, that kind of formula is very popular in cosmetic industry. Since there's natural ingredient in the formula, the manufacturer will claim the product as a "natural" face cream. And yes, if you buy that one, it's easy to tell why you see ingredients on the label that don't look like natural at all. Because that's what they are.



One is thinking that most of the ingredients is really nutritious and benefit to the skin. The other is thinking that no matter how much natural it is, as long as it has "a little bit" of natural ingredients it can be still called "Natural". So, does the difference in these two ways of thinking affect to you?

The answer is really simple. I guess now you know. When you buy a bottle of cosmetics which was advertised as "natural", don't just look at what they say on the front label, but check the ingredients by yourself. Or you will

✓ WASTING MONEY FOR CHEMICALS AND FILLERS ! Let say you pay $100 to buy some cosmetics in which there's only 1% of natural ingredients like some plant extracts, you're wasting $99 just to buy... synthetic chemicals, water and fillers and to pay for advertisement cost. Only $1 was really useful because those natural extracts are the ones which brings benefits to your skin. 

BUY COSMETICS WHICH DO NOT GIVE TRUE EFFICACY! Many consumers are expecting a lot on magic results coming from a so-call "natural cosmetics", but then they just don't see the cosmetics really work. That happens all the time. It's hard for consumers to know why, but it's easy for scientist like us to understand the reason. With just 1% or 0.1% or even less than that of the natural ingredients, how can you expect the miracles ?? This also explains why thousands of customers who started to use our TRUE NATURAL cosmetics tend to stay with us. Extremely high content of the purest natural ingredients in our TRUE NATURAL cosmetics are bringing incredible effects to skin.

BUY COSMETICS WHICH HAVE HIGH RISK OF SKIN IRRITATION! Most of the "fillers" in a cosmetic bottle are synthetic chemicals which could increase the risk of skin irritation. It's even worse if they are pretty strong chemicals which may give bad effects on your skin functions after a long-term use. 

Better late than never. It's time for you to think again and learn about what is so-called "NATURAL". Your correct choice will make a difference to your skin.




We're trying our best in order to create what is worthy to be called "TRUE NATURAL COSMETICS". Our products have at least 90% of natural and natural derived ingredients. This is also one of the missions we would like to fullfil when thinking of starting the lab: BRINGING TO PEOPLE THE PUREST TRUE NATURAL COSMETICS TO NOURISH THE SKIN. 

DR.HC™ cosmetics contain 90~100% natural and natural derived ingredients. That's why we make the difference in efficacy.