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As an entrepreneur in cosmetic industry, you want to create your beauty brand of Natural/ Organic, Vegan, Cruelty-free skincare & cosmetics, which will bring you long-term benefits, lead to many opportunities and to success for your futureBut, do you know that it usually costs several thousand dollars to start a cosmetic brand with one product line? That's why YOURS PRIVATE LABEL DROPSHIPPING PROGRAM will be benificial for Startupers! We are private label dropshipping supplier in USA, providing fast shipping dropshipping to retailers all around the world ! 

Dropship your name/ your logo/ your natural beauty products can't be easier!



Accept orders from your customers. Focus on growing your brand!



We do the R&D to provide you with trending formulas



Your cosmetics will be made-fresh in USA with high-end ingredients



Design labels and apply your logo onto the products



Provide professional photos for products with your logo



Pack & Ship your cosmetics directly to your customers


Benefits of Starting Your Own Cosmetic Brand with Private Label Dropshipping:

  • SAVE MONEY FOR INVENTORY: Manufacturers require hundreds or thousands of units as minimum quantity to produce 1 line of private label cosmetics for your brand (and you need to purchase and stock them), while YOURS Private Label Dropshipping Program does NOT require you to purchase and stock that huge number of inventory ahead-of-time. 
  • ZERO MINIMUMS ON ALL PRODUCTS: We ship each of retail orders to your customers, so you only pay for what in the orders. No need to purchase wholesale in advance! You'll never be left with unused inventory!
  • WORRY-FREE MANAGEMENT: You DON'T NEED TO have a warehouse, you DON'T NEED TO have a lot of people to run the business (formulating, manufacturing, designing, label printing, taking photography, inventory management, fullfilment, shipping etc.). We do all of them!
  • SAVE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME: It may take some months or even more than a year to have your branded cosmetics on hands by traditional ways, while with YOURS Private Label Dropshipping you can make your dream come true in minutes. In addition, since you just need to focus on the sales (and we do the rest!), you can save a lot of time and work more efficiently!

In general, it's LESS INVESTMENT, but MUCH MORE BENEFITS with private label dropshipping.


Click here to view the process how private label dropshipping works when customers place an order on your store




YOURS Private Label Dropshipping Program brings you Extra Unique Benefits!

  • HIGH-QUALITY CLEAN COSMETICS: Your cosmetics would be Organic/Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-free, Non-GMO, Paraben-free, Gluten-free, Eco-friendly... Product quality and consistancy are the key which helps you grow a successful brand with repeat orders! 
  • WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS: Fill up your brand with a wide variety of product types (skincare, makeup, hair care, bath & body care, personal care, organic soaps, etc.) and expand your target customers !
  • MADE IN THE USA: We are based in the USA. Your cosmetics will be Made-in-USA with a selection of the best natural/ organic/ vegan ethical ingredients which is extremely important for you to build a reputable brand! No worry of being dropshipped from China or sourced from questionable vendors.
  • PROFESSIONAL PRODUCT IMAGES: without spending time to design one by one (We'll do!)
  • WORLDWIDE SHIPPING: We ship globally. We can help you to reach customers worldwide!
  • FAST PROCESSING TIME: Orders would be processed within 1~3 business days
  • GUARANTEE SHIPPING: Tracking Number of each shipment will be provided to you. Plus, all orders shipped to your customers would be covered by shipping insurance to prevent lost or damages


We care about the quality of each product we make for you!






Start your brand today with 2 simple steps!


Please submit this form (1~2 minutes to finish). After comfirming your business, we'll let you know the discounted product prices. You usually hear back from us within 1~2 business days. Just in case, please also check your spam box.


Get your membership & Send us your logo: Get your membership here to become our Private Label Dropshipping (PLD) member. You can send us your logo at this step to get it registered in our system.



  • Unlimited Orders
  • Unlimited Items
  • Zero Order Minimums
  • Your logo registered
  • More than 60 stocked formulas
  • Free access to our future formulas
  • Professional Product Photography
  • Product Descriptions are ready
  • Custom Packaging with Your Logo/ Name
  • Custom Product Images with Your Logo/ Name*
  • Custom Product Names





While it requires thousands of dollars to start a cosmetic brand in the traditional way, with our private label dropshipping system, you can save A LOT !


Transparency matters! No other hidden fees!






There’s no limitation of product numbers you can dropship. After becoming a YOURS PLD member, you can dropship any products from our Stocked Formulas under your name/ logo

The product prices/ formula prices displayed in the Stocked Formulas section are just our suggested retail prices. They are NOT the prices you pay to us. After you send us this form and we can comfirm your business, we'll let you know the discounted product prices (that you need to pay to us when you place a dropshipping order). You can setup any retail prices/ any margin for products in your store. It's your brand cosmetics, you are the only one who sell them, so it's up to you!

No, you don't need to spend time to design each label. You just need to register your logo with us. We'll do the rest! 

Depending on products, the size of labels would be different. For minor change like logo size adjustment, our design team will auto-adjust the size of your logo if needed to match the space and create the best looking for your products. 

Yes! All of the products we ship to your customers will always have your branding on them no matter what plan you choose or whether you use the Custom Image service or not.

The product will come with your logo/ name on it, product name, weight. We also include an ingredient list on the package of each product so customers have an opportunity to read the ingredients prior to using their purchased products.

Yes, you can keep our product names or change them. If you don't change the product names, you can use either our default product images or your own custom product images. If you want to change the product names, you need to have your own custom product images

Yes, all samples will come in full size.

  • If you order samples before joining the YOURS PLD Program: The price of sample is same as display price. We offer 5% DISCOUNT if your sample order total is over $250, please use code "samples250" at checkout. You can order only 1 sample per product. Samples will come with our generic labelling. Email us to order if you would like to get samples before joining the program.
  • If you order samples after becoming a YOURS PLD member: You will get samples with dropshipping discounted prices. You can order as many as you want. Samples will come with your logo if you choose to do so.




No, your customers can order any quantity from your store and we'll fulfill the order.

For USA domestic shipping address and shipping to Puerto Rico, the fee is $7.99 for each shipment.

For international shipping from USA, we use standard shipping from USPS (US Postal Service). The shipping cost depends on the total of your dropshipping order.

For shipping address in USA: we ship within 3 busisness days, the package usually arrives in 2~7 days after shipped.
For shipping address in other countries: we ship within 3 busisness days from the U.S, the package usually arrives in 7 ~ 21 days after shipped.

All orders would be provided with tracking numbers. You can track whether an order is delivered to your customer. For international shipping from USA, depending on countries, the tracking number may works for USA domestic tracking only (If you would like to have tracks when the package arrives in the foreign country, we can provide different courriers with higher shipping rates. Please contact us when you place order)

After you place order with us, your order will be passed to our production at the same time. Products are custom-made for you so cancellation is not acceptable. However, if your customer cancels with you, we can help you by changing the shipping address to your address if you contact us before the package is sent out.

Since shipping goods is not what you do, we want you to absolutely be worry-free with the shipments! All shipments to your customers (both USA domestic and international customers) would be covered with shipping insurance. If an item is damaged or lost during shipment, we’ll provide replacements. View details in YOURS PLD Program's policies.

Yes! And you even don't need to be a Private Label Dropshipping Member to make bulk order / wholesale purchase for products with your logo (NO NEED to pay PLD membership fee!).

For bulk order (wholesale purchase) of your logo cosmetics, YOURS have some plans HERE that would fit any size of your business (They are basically different in MOQ and the flexibility of customizing). You can make bulk order of your logo cosmetics with MOQ 12 pcs.



Yes! By choosing the annual plan instead of the monthly plan, you will save hundreds of dollars per year!

After becoming a member, you will

  • Get a PLD membership ID
  • Your own logo/ brand will be registered in our system
  • Get a special discount for PLD member: Apply this discount on the Stocked Formulas when you buy from us, and re-sell them with your own logo and with your own margin !
  • Get a Product Information CSV File (with product images & descriptions) to import products into your store: You can use them as-is (to save time), or slightly edit them to create your own descriptions. Please be noticed that all product images in the file will be with a generic logo (the leaf logo, same as what you see on our website in Stocked Formulas section), not your logo. However when we ship your products to your customers, products will come WITH YOUR LOGO. If you also want to have product images with your logo to use on your website, here's the only additional one-time fee you need to pay. Please confirm with your platform support about how to import products via CSV file if you are going to do so (unfortunately we are unable to support this since each store/ each platform may work differently). If you add products manually, so no worry, it should work with all stores/ all platforms.  

What you need to do after receiving the above information from us is choosing from our Stocked Formulas which products you would like to have for your brand, importing/ adding them into your store, and BRAVO! It's ready to launch your brand!

For the membership fee, we accept PayPal or Credit cards.

Yes, you can cancel anytime before your next billing by logging into your account and click the Cancel button. That's it! (Learn more in our Terms & Policies)

We have a HOT LINE (+1) 408-508-5671 for order change/ cancellation ONLY. Please TEXT US your order number and your request details.

Kindly understand this Hotline is not for other support. For other questions, please email us to




*By joining this YOURS Private Label Dropshipping (PLD) Program, you agreed with YOURS PLD Program's Terms & Policies as well as our company's Terms & Policies