Proud to be the NO.1 private label cosmetics dropshipping supplier, ranked by Google (5 years in a row!)

Do you know that it usually costs several thousand dollars to start a cosmetic brand with only ONE product line? You need to pay for R&D cost and a lot of upfront costs. That's why we are here to provide you with a smart solution which is LESS INVESTMENT, but MUCH MORE BENEFITS! We are a private label/ white label manufacturer & dropshipping supplier in the USA, providing fast shipping dropshipping to retailers all around the world! Not to mention all products are made in the USA! Unlike other "branding" dropshipping services which print your logo only on shipping boxes, with our YOURS PLD Program, your brand will show up on each cosmetic bottle! Yes, the cosmetics themselves are sold under your brand!

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Click on the tabs to view details.

As an entrepreneur in the cosmetic industry, you want to create your own beauty brand of Natural/ Organic, Vegan, Cruelty-free skincare & cosmetics, as this will bring you long-term benefits, lead to many bigger opportunities and to success for your future.

No need to purchase bulk/wholesale in advance with us! In the traditional way, manufacturers require hundreds or thousands of units as a minimum quantity to produce 1 line of private label cosmetics for your brand (and you need to purchase and stock them), while YOURS Private Label Dropshipping Program does NOT require you to purchase and stock that huge number of inventory ahead-of-time. You'll never be left with unused inventory!

We manufacture and ship your brand cosmetics to your customers even when you place order for only 1 unit!

You DON'T NEED TO have a warehouse, you DON'T NEED TO stock products, you DON'T NEED TO pack and ship your orders, you DON'T NEED TO have a lot of people to run the business (formulating, manufacturing, designing, label printing, taking photography, inventory management, fullfilment, shipping etc.). We do all of them!

It may take some months or even more than a year to have your branded cosmetics on hands by traditional ways, while with YOURS Private Label Dropshipping you can make your dream come true in minutes. In addition, since you just need to focus on the sales (and we do the rest!), you can save a lot of time and work more efficiently!

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It can't be easier to start your brand!



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  • HIGH-QUALITY CLEAN COSMETICS: Your cosmetics would be Organic/Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-free, Non-GMO, Paraben-free, Gluten-free, Eco-friendly... Product quality and consistancy are the key which helps you grow a successful brand with repeat orders!
  • WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS: Fill up your brand with a wide variety of product types (skincare, makeup, hair care, bath & body care, personal care, organic soaps, etc.) and expand your target customers !
  • MADE IN THE USA: We are a manufacturer in the USA. Your cosmetics will be Made-in-USA with a selection of the best natural/ organic/ vegan ethical ingredients which is extremely important for you to build a reputable brand! No worry of being dropshipped from China or sourced from questionable vendors.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE! We have more than a hundred of existing formulas which you can use right away! We also have the options for you to change Formulas, Packaging, Label designs, etc.
  • WORLDWIDE SHIPPING: We ship globally. We can help you to reach customers worldwide!
  • FAST PROCESSING TIME: Orders would be processed within 1~3 business days
  • GUARANTEE SHIPPING: Tracking Number of each shipment will be provided to you. Plus, all orders shipped to your customers would be covered by shipping insurance to prevent lost or damages
  • AUTO-ORDERING: You no longer need to manually send orders to us if using Auto-Ordering feature.
  • PROFESSIONAL PRODUCT IMAGES *: No need to spend time to photograph all products (we can prepare the mockups for you!)


We care about the quality of each product we make for you!



Thank you



You can choose AUTO-ORDERING (= dropship via 3rd app) or MANUALLY ORDERING (dropship via our website).
No matter whether you choose AUTO-ORDERING or MANUALLY ORDERING, products will always be sent to your customers with your logo on each bottle!
Please determine one way you want to go with as this affects to how we set up your PLD account and how your dropshipping process works (After the setup has been done, if you would like to change to another way, you need to get a new membership and pay the setup fee again).


dr.hc organics dropshipping organic vegan natural cruelty-free cosmetics

We integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, BigCommerce, Ecwid, Jumpseller, KMO Shops, Squarespace !

  • Import products data to your store via a 3rd party app
  • Auto-ordering (your orders will be automatically sent to us via the app)
  • Works with 8 platforms mentioned above
  • App fee will occur, you pay directly to the 3rd party app (about $49/month)


dr.hc organics dropshipping organic vegan natural cruelty-free cosmetics

Don't want to spend money on app fees? You can place dropshipping orders directly with us, via our website!

  • Import products data to your store via a CSV file
  • Manually place your dropshipping orders
  • Works with any platforms your store was built on
  • No app fee


When customers place order on your store, you go to our website www.drhc-cosmetics.com , login into your dropshipping member account and place order with the same items (you will get discounted prices from us). The shipping address when you place order with us is your customer’s address, NOT YOUR ADDRESS. We will ship the cosmetics with your logo directly to your customers.

What we support to help you set up products in your store:

  • A CSV file of product data (products' descriptions and photos with the generic logo).
  • A dropshipping member account on our website (with this account, you can purchase products with discounted prices and manage your dropshipping memberships)

Basically you choose "MANUALLY ORDERING" if

  • You don't want to pay app fees
  • or: Your store is not built on any of the 8 platforms we mentioned above
  • or: You want to import products using a CSV file


Currently we support AUTO-ORDERING for stores built on these platforms: Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, BigCommerce, Jumpseller, Ecwid, KMO Shops, and Squarespace. After you become our PLD member, we will connect with you via a 3rd party app. The 3rd party app lets you to import our products data (products' descriptions and products' photos with the generic logo) into your store; it also automatically sends your dropshipping orders to us (you don't need to contact us or go to our website to place orders everytime you receive orders from your customers). To use this Auto-Ordering feature, you need to download the 3rd app (we'll instruct you). You are responsible for all app fees (you pay directly to the 3rd party app, and we're not involved in the business between you and the 3rd party app). You will contact the app support directly for any questions you may have relating to using their app such as how to import products, how to place orders via the app, etc., in other words, you will work directly with the 3rd party app. The benefits we mentioned here may be restricted depending on the app plan you choose.

What we support to help you set up products in your store:

  • Approve you as our PLD member via the 3rd party app (after being approved, you will be able to import products and use auto-ordering via the app)
  • A dropshipping member account on our website (with this account, you can manage all your memberships with us)

Basically you choose "AUTO-ORDERING" if

  • You want to import products to your store via an app
  • or: Your want to use Auto-Ordering (you don't want to manually send your dropshipping orders to us)



Thank you



The upfront costs to join this program depend on which plan you choose (private label dropshipping our PL Stocked Formulas (the STOCKED FORMULAs plan - THE MOST POPULAR CHOICE!), or rebranding & dropshipping DR.HC Brand's Products (the REBRANDING plan), or private label dropshipping your own Custom Formulas (the CUSTOM plan).
The upfront costs listed below for each plan must be paid before you can access to our products and start dropshipping them.

Product costs and shipping fees only occur for each retail order shipped to your customers, you don't pay any upfront inventory cost (unless you choose the Custom Plan).



Transparency matters! No other hidden fees!




Dropship our Private Label Stocked Formulas
(unbranded products specially developed for private label/ branding). You brand them under your own brand!

Membership Fee:

or: $950/year (SAVE 20%)

  • Account Setup Fee (one-time, first-time signup only): $100
  • R&D Fee (formula development/authorization fee): $0
  • Add-on Service Fee (optional): only occurs if you want to use any of the convenient Add-on Services listed in the next section.

  • Method: Dropship Via App or Dropship Via Web
  • Product photos & description: Free default professional product photos & descriptions



Dropship DR.HC Brand's Products
(branded products currently sold under our company's registered brand DR.HC). You re-brand them under your brand!

Membership Fee:

$599/ every 3-months
or: $2150/year
(SAVE 10%)

  • Account Setup Fee (one-time, first-time signup only): $200
  • R&D Fee (one-time): $3000 formula authorization for all formulas
  • Custom Product Images fee (product photos with your logo)(one-time): see the Add-on Service listed in the next section.

  • METHOD: Dropship Via App only
  • Product photos & description: Each product has 1 professional photo with your logo + basic description



Dropship your customized products (custom formulas, custom packaging...) which are not existing in the STOCKED FORMULAS and REBRANDING plans yet. They are specially developed only for you!

Membership Fee:

$599/ every 3-months
or: $2150/year
(SAVE 10%)

  • Account Setup Fee (one-time, first-time signup only): $200
  • R&D Fee: est. $499 ~ $2000 (one-time, per formula) for new formula development, or $3000 formula authorization (one-time) for rebranding DR.HC Brand.
  • Packaging Changing Fee (if changing packaging): Searching $100 + Testing $200 + Bottle cost for at least 12pcs
  • Product cost: for at least 12pcs per product
  • Product Profile Setup Fee (custom label, product photography, preparation of product description & photos, integration, etc.): $280 (one-time, per product)

  • Products you dropship: Your customized products
  • Packaging: Default or custom packaging
  • Label design: Your custom label designs (we provide label specifications).
  • Customizable Options: Formulas, Packaging, Label Design can be customized (fees are included above).

  • METHOD: Dropship Via App only
  • Product photos & description: Each custom product has 1 professional photo + basic description



  • Private Label Dropshipping (PLD) member account (Your member account is set up in our system for private label dropshipping purpose)
  • Your Cosmetic Brand is established! (Your brand logo will be displayed on each physical product we manufacture and send to your customers)
  • Unlimited Items to Dropship (Once you are authorized to access the products, you can sell unlimitted items which belong to your plan)
  • Unlimited Custom-Made Orders (You can place unlimitted orders for your brand's products. No limit per week, per month or so on!)
  • Zero Order Minimums (We will manufacture your brand's products even when you order only 1 bottle)
  • Special PLD discounts (You are allowed to purchase your brand's products from us with special product prices, even when you order only 1 bottle!)
  • Hassle-Free Fulfillment (We will pack and ship your brand's products to your customers)




Thank you



Without the add-on services below, the dropshipping process still works, and every time you place a dropshipping order, products are still sent to your customers WITH YOUR BRAND LOGO ON EACH BOTTLE!. The add-on services below provide you with more customizable options. (Click on the service name to view details)



We create product photos (mockups) with your logo on them.


Change our default product names to your favorite ones!

CUSTOM FONT (Use your font)

Change our default font of product names to your favorite font!


Change our default label designs to your own designs!


Let us photograph your products and provide professional images!




Thank you



■ If you join the "STOCKED FORMULAS" plan, start your brand today with 2 simple steps below!


Submit this form (1~2 minutes to finish). After comfirming your business, we'll let you know the discounted product prices. You usually hear back from us in 1~2 days, please also check your spam box.


Get your membership & Send us your logo: Get your membership here to become our Private Label Dropshipping (PLD) member. You can send us your logo at this step to get it registered in our system.


■ If you join the "REBRANDING PLAN" or "CUSTOM PLAN" plan, complete the same Step 1 above, then we will contact you to guide the next step.
More details about the process can be found in the FAQs section below.



Thank you




There’s no limitation from us on product numbers you can dropship. After becoming a YOURS PLD member under this plan, you can dropship any products from our Stocked Formulas under your brand name

However, please note that if you choose "Dropship via App" method (Auto-Ordering), depending on the app plan you choose, the number of products you can import may be restricted by the 3rd party app. If you don't use the app (if you use "Dropship via Web" method), you can still import products information via a CSV file and place dropshipping orders directly on our website. There’s no limitation from us on product numbers you can dropship.

The product prices/ formula prices displayed in the Stocked Formulas section are just our suggested retail prices. They are NOT the prices you pay to us. After you send us this form and we can comfirm your business, we'll let you know the discounted product prices (that you need to pay to us when you place a dropshipping order). You can setup any retail prices/ any margin for products in your store. It's your brand cosmetics, you are the only one who sell them, so it's up to you!

Yes! All of the products we ship to your customers will always have your branding on them no matter what plan you choose (Stocked Formulas or Custom Formulas), what dropshipping method you choose (via App or via Web), or whether you use the Custom Image service or not.

The product will come with your logo/ name on it, product name, weight. Please check our Stocked Formulas, your custom product will look like that but with your logo instead of the generic logo (the leaves logo). We also include an ingredient list on the packaging of each product (on the front or back label) so customers have an opportunity to read the ingredients prior to using their purchased products.

-If you use Auto-Ordering via 3rd party app, this product importing process can be done via the app.
-If you DO NOT use the 3rd party app, you can bulk import products via a CSV file we provide.

Please be noticed that all product images provided via the 3rd party app or in the CSV file will be our default images with a generic logo (the 3-leaf logo, same as what you see on our website in the Stocked Formulas here), NOT your logo. However when we ship your cosmetics (physical products) to your customers, products will come WITH YOUR LOGO ON EACH BOTTLE (so no worries!). If you also want to have product photos with your logo to use on your website, here is the only additional one-time fee you need to pay (Custom Product Images service). After you get the Custom Products Images with your logo on them (and with your custom product names & custom font, if applicable), you need to manually replace the default product images (which were already imported/uploaded into your store) with the custom ones. If you use custom product names, you also need to manually change the default product names (that were uploaded/ imported in your store via the 3rd party app or the CSV file) to the custom ones.
The initial setup above needs to be done only once. The dropshipping process is still automatic if you choose "Dropship via App" method.

If you need helps with technical issues (such as how to use a CSV file, or how to use the 3rd party app), please directly contact your website platform support or contact the 3rd party app, they can always help with the technical issues (unfortunately we are unable to support issues regarding the 3rd party app or your website's platform).

Yes, you can keep our default product names or change them. If you want to change the product names, you have to register those custom names with us so that we can make and ship your physical products under those custom names (here is the one-time fee to register your custom names), and on your end you need to manually change the product names in your store.

Please keep in mind that
-If you don't change the product names, you can use either our default product images with the generic logo or the Custom Product Images with your logo on them.
-If you change the product names, you need to get the Custom Product Images because our default product images don't show your custom names.

Yes, all samples will come in full size. Please email us for details.

After you complete Step 2, one of our representatives will contact you in 1~3 business days to set up your PLD account. As a PLD member, you will

  • Get a PLD membership ID
  • Your own logo/ brand will be registered in our system
  • If you choose "Dropship via Web" method, you will get a special discount code: You apply this discount code on the Stocked Formulas when you buy from us, and re-sell them with your own margin! You also get a Product Information CSV File with product default photos & descriptions to import products into your store.
  • If you choose "Dropship via App" method: You will not receive a discount code, because the discounted prices we offer to you will be automatically applied via the app. You will also not receive a CSV file, because you will use the 3rd party app to import products and place orders with us.

Please be noticed that all product images in the CSV file or on the 3rd party app will be images with a generic logo (the leaf logo, same as what you see on our website in Stocked Formulas here), NOT your logo. However when we ship your cosmetics (physical products) to your customers, products will come WITH YOUR LOGO ON EACH BOTTLE (so no worries!). If you also want to have product photos with your logo to use on your website, here's the only additional one-time fee you need to pay. After you get the custom products images with your logo on them, you need to manually replace the default product images (which were already added/imported into your store) with the custom ones.

What you need to do after receiving the above information from us is choosing from our Stocked Formulas which products you would like to have for your brand, importing/ bulk adding them into your store (via the app or the CSV file), sending a request for Custom Product Images and replace the default products photos with the custom ones (optional), and BRAVO! It's ready to launch your brand!



After you submit the inquiry form (Step 1), one of our representatives will contact you to
1. Guide you to get a membership (you pay a "Membership Approval/Renewal Fee" here which includes the Account Setup Fee your Membership Fee for the 1st period), so we can approve you as a member and can start working on setting up a dropshipping account for you in our system.
2. Guide you to get the authorization for the usage of DR.HC Brand’s products (you pay the "R&D Fee" here), so you will be authorized to rebrand and have access to the DR.HC Brand's products.
3. Guide you to get the custom product images with your brand logo on them (you pay the "Custom Product Images Fee" here), so you will have your brand's professional product photos to display in your store.
4. Guide you how to access and import our products into your store via the 3rd party app, as well as guide you what to do when a customer places order in your store (The process is automatic! )
After the above steps are done, Bravo! You're ready to start selling our cosmetics under your brand!

All of the private label dropshipping suppliers on the market offer you UNBRANDED products, which means those products are not under any specific brand yet. We also have unbranded products which you can find in the STOCKED FORMULAS plan, and we, as a cosmetic brand, also have our own brand (DR.HC) which was registered and has been on the retail markets for years. We have been putting efforts to build and do marketting for the brand's products, and now they will become yours (when you join this REBRANDING plan)! The R&D Fee (Formula Authorization Fee) is for the DR.HC Brand to authorize you to rebrand and sell DR.HC Brand's products under your brand.

Yes, they are all needed to be paid before you can access to our products and start dropshipping them. Once you get a membership (pay the Membership Fee & Account Setup Fee) for the REBRANDING plan, one of our representatives will contact to guide you for the rest of payment (the R&D Fee and the Custom Product Images Fee), and then how to connect with us via the 3rd party app to import products and establish an automatic dropshipping process for your brand. Please note that the upfront costs might need to be paid separately (step-by-step as guided above), but they all must be paid completely before you can access to our products and start selling them. All paid payments are not subject to refund/ partial refund for any reason.



Here are the next steps after you send Step 1. VIEW THE PROCESS HERE

We'll let you know the exact number after you let us know all your requirements on the custom formula.

  • The R&D fee $499 ~ $1000 is applied when your custom formula is not a major change from our base formulas.

If you choose the CUSTOM FORMULAS plan, we can ask the DR.HC Brand to authorize us the usage of their formulas and will manufacture exact formulas for you. The R&D fee (Formula Authorization Fee) in this case is $3000 (one-time fee) for all formulas, or $1000 for 1 formula.
If you do not change any thing from DR.HC Brand's products, you can also consider the REBRANDING plan.



No, you don't need to spend time to design each label. You just need to register your logo with us!

You can register 1 logo per membership.
If you want to change your logo after it has been registered in our system, the processing fee is $50 per change, you can send a request HERE. (This fee does not include the fee to change your Custom Product Images from the old logo to the new logo)
If you want to use 2 different logos (for example, logo A for some products and logo B for the others), you need to get 2 different memberships.

Depending on products, the size of labels would be different. For minor change like logo size adjustment, our design team will auto-adjust the size of your logo if needed to match the space and create the best looking for your products.
We strongly recommend you to read the logo requirements HERE to have a better idea on how you should create a logo.

Basically we accept all logos, and it's your decision to create and determine how your logo will look like. However, we have some requirements listed HERE in order to create the best quality for your logo printing.



No, your customers can order any quantity from your store. We'll make and send the product(s) with your logo to your customers, even when the order contains only 1 item.

If you use the 3rd party app: We have Auto-Ordering. When customers place orders on your website, the app will automatically send the orders to us. We then will fulfill the order and send them directly to your customers. Just make sure you work with the 3rd party app to set up the app in your store correctly.

If you DO NOT use the 3rd party app: You go to our website and place an order with the same items, but you will apply your secret discount code to get special discounted prices from us. We then will custom-make the cosmetics with your logo and ship them directly to your customers.

Yes, we accept the most popular payment methods including Credit cards, Paypal, AmazonPay, etc.

We ship within 3 busisness days from the USA, for both domestic and international orders.

We apply these shipping rates for USA domestic and international orders.

For shipping address in USA: the package usually arrives in 2~7 days after shipped.
For shipping address in other countries: the package usually arrives in 7 ~ 21 days after shipped.

All orders would be provided with tracking numbers. You can track whether an order is delivered to your customer. For international shipping from USA, depending on countries, the tracking number may works for USA domestic tracking only (If you would like to have tracks when the package arrives in the foreign country, we can provide different courriers with higher shipping rates. Please contact us when you place order)

Since shipping goods is not what you do, we want you to absolutely be worry-free with the shipments! All shipments to your customers (both USA domestic and international customers) would be covered with shipping insurance. If an item is damaged or lost during shipment, we’ll provide replacements. View details in YOURS PLD Program's policies.

After you place order with us, your order will be passed to our production at the same time. Products with your logo are custom-made for you so cancellation is not acceptable. However, if your customer cancels with you, we can help you by changing the shipping address from your customer address to your address if you contact us before the package is sent out.

You want to keep your private label dropshipping status but also want to buy wholesale sometimes? Yes, we support it! By being a PLD member under the annual plan, you can purchase bulk/ wholesale (MOQ 12~) with better discount rates for some SKUs, while still being able to dropship other SKUs.

If you don't want to dropship and just want to keep the inventory by yourself, YOURS's Private Label Wholesale here would be the best choice for you! .



It's easy and fast!
For "STOCKED FORMULAS" plan: You just need to follow the 2 steps above in "HOW TO START PLD?" to send us your information and get your membership. After you finish Step 1, our representative will contact you via email within 1~2 business days, so make sure you check your inbox (as well as the Spam folder!). If you would like to speed up the process, you can complete both the 2 steps at the same time.
For "CUSTOM FORMULAS" plan: Please complete Step 1, we'll contact you to discuss the customized formula(s).

Yes! By choosing the annual plans instead of the monthly plan, you will save hundreds of dollars per year!

The membership approval/renewal fee (also called "membership fee") is for us to authorize you (to pre-approve/approve you as a PLD member, or to renew your member status) for a certain period of time. Therefore, membership fees are not subject to refund or partial refund for any reason, no matter whether you will use your member benefits during the authorized period or not.
After becoming a PLD member, you can enjoy your member benefits listed above!

Yes, you can. However, there would be no partial refund for any paid payment. Please plan your business before deciding to go with the monthly/quarterly or yearly plan.
Contact us yours@drhc-cosmetics.com if you want to upgrade/downgrade your PLD membership.

For the membership fee, we accept PayPal or Credit cards.

You can check it anytime by following these steps

  • Login to your member account on this website.
  • Click on "View My Membership". It will show all memberships you have.
  • Click on the membership in question and see its status (Active or Cancelled)

Yes, you can cancel your membership anytime.
1/ First, remove all of our products (photos and descriptions) and information we provided to you from all of your stores/channels. When your membership is canceled, you are no longer authorized to list and sell our products. MAKE SURE YO COMPLETE THIS STEP FIRST, AS IGNORING THIS STEP WILL BE SUBJECT TO INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY INFRINGEMENT/ COPYRIGHT VIOLATION AND FINES.
2/ Login to your dropshipping member account on our website, choose the right membership and click "Cancel my membership".
Please note: All paid payments are not subject to refund or partial refund for any reason, however, once your membership is canceled you will not be charged for the next billing cycle. Learn more about membership cancellation in the program's Terms & Policies




Please email yours@drhc-cosmetics.com (or yours.privatelabel@gmail.com if you prefer to go with personal emails) for any questions/requests related to this YOURS PRIVATE LABEL DROPSHIPPING PROGRAM, including general questions and specific questions about your membership.


Thank you



Just in case you need these tasks done quickly! Please directly contact the collaborators for their services.

-Collaborative services we introduce here are convenient services provided by a 3rd party ("collaborators"). Collaborators are experts whom we used to work with and they had their IDs registered with us. You can trust in their knowledge or ability to help you fulfill the tasks.
-You are fully responsible for your decision of using the collaborative services. We are not involved in the transactions between you and the collaborators and are not responsible for any issues that might happen. Using or not using the collaborative services does not affect your qualification to join our programs.


By joining this YOURS Private Label Dropshipping (PLD) Program, you agreed with YOURS PLD Program's Terms & Policies as well as our company's Terms & Policies


*Additional service with extra fee.