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YOURS Private Label - Custom Product Images


*Price does not include tax.

Let's make it easy!
You just need to send us the logo, we'll do the rest!

This is an add-on service for PLD members. Get high-quality images of your products so you can launch your shop without having to hire a photographer ! You send us your logo and tell us which products you would like to have the logo on. We will prepare the custom product images for you, with your logo on it. You will receive your custom images via email. Processing time is usually 2~3 business days.

Since your custom images will be used for your store ONLY, nowhere else, it will increase the SEO for your website! If you generate your custom images via an app, the custom images will also be stocked in the app, and third party services such as Google may link them to the app first, not your store. So we believe our way is a REALLY good private solution for you! Plus, you don't need to spend time to design the label for each product!

The price is for a package of 10 or less than 10 images. Depending on how many custom images you want us to prepare, please choose the order quantity that suits your needs (For example, if you want to have 16 custom images, please choose "2" as quantity).


  1. Finish payment for this order
  2. Email us or use THIS FORM to inform us the list of products you want to have custom images. If via email, you can paste the product urls in the email, or just say something like "all items in moisturizer collections", "all shades in the lip collections", etc. (email to )

If you would like to change the product names: please also provide your product names in the email. An example of the list you should provide to use:

1. Anti-aging Cream (our default name) --> My name:  Magic Moisturizer 
2. All-Natural Lipstick (our default name) --> My name: SuperStar Lipstick
3. (and so on)


In order to create the best quality for your logo printing, please prepare a logo that meets these conditions.   



  • We provide this service only when all of these information (your private label dropshipping ID, brand name, logo) match what were registered in our system. 
  • We do not stock your custom images in our system. You need to contact us within 3 business days if there's any problem with the custom images you receive. 3 days after the order is fulfilled, we are unable to resend or resolve any issue (any request for resending images in this case will require a new order)
  • By using this service, you have read and agreed to YOURS PLD Program and our company's Terms & Policies



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