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Requirements on Logo

In order to create the best quality for your logo printing, please prepare a logo that meets these conditions

  • Your logo must be a PNG file with transparent background. 
  • Ideally, the PNG file should be around 1000*1000px.
  • Logo can be: 1/ text only, 2/ image only, 3/ image and text, or 4/ image + text + background. All images and texts in the logo must be high resolution (see examples below)


  • Size of the logo must be as big as possible.


  • White color will not be printed as the background color of the label is white or transparent. 


  • Logo should NOT contain small size texts or too much text, otherwise it will look complicated when being printed small size on the labels, and we cannot guarantee it will be printed sharply (Let's imagine, for some products the size of logo printed on the labels would be 0.6*0.6" or 1.5*1.5cm, does your logo still look good in that case? If not, you might want to simplify it)