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All-Natural Skincare Face Soap - Olive Mineral Clay (110g, 3.8oz)

THIS PRODUCT IS NOT FOR RETAIL PURCHASE. The display price is simply our suggested retail price, NOT the price you purchase from us. Contact us to get access to the wholesale/ dropshipping price.


YOURS private label cosmetics are made from the purest Natural/ Organic/ Vegan ingredients. Our cosmetics are Paraben-free, GMO-free, Eco-friendly and proudly Made-in-USA. Our facility is Cruelty-Free certified by Leaping Bunny.

Key Benefits:

  • The soap is featured with Olive oil, Shea butter, Mineral clay and Cinnamon. 
  • Olive oil and Shea butter are well-known for preventing premature signs of aging on the skin.
  • White Clay helps detoxifying your skin and body, gently removing dead skin cells.
  • Cinnamon has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties which make it useful against acne and skin blemishes.
  • Brings you a strong nutty almond scent with hints of coconut and spice, balanced out with the mellow scent of our goat milk soap base.  
  • This soap can be used as Skincare face soap, Shaving soap, Body hair removal soap, Shampoo bar, Body wash, Hand wash, Hair & body wash for babies & kids.


Key Ingredients:



Attractive Points from The Formula:

  • All-natural
  • Cruelty-free
  • Handmade in the USA



*Olive Oil, *Organic Sustainable Palm Oil, *Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Goat Milk, Cinnamon Essential Oil, Nutmeg Essential Oil, Natural Fragrance , Kaolin Clay, Cinnamon Powder, Chromium Oxide, Iron Oxide.




  • USE AS A FACE CLEANSER: Lather up by hands or by using a foaming net. Apply foam to wash face, then rinse clean.
  • USE AS A SHAVING SOAP, HAIR REMOVAL SOAP: Apply the bar directly on your wet face and lather up or use a shaving brush to lather up. After finishing, make sure to rinse your beard/skin thoroughly with water.
  • USE AS HAIR & BODY WASH: Wet your hair and body. Apply the bar to your hair & body, lather up and gently wash, then rinse clean.
  • USE AS A BODY SCRUB: Wet your body. Apply the bar to gently massage the entire body and/or heels, elbow, underarms, etc., then rinse clean.


      This soap bar is 100% handmade. Each bar is a little different in shape & color patterns, and net weight will vary between 3.3~3.8oz (94~110g)/ bar.

      Not for internal consumption. Discontinue if irritation occurs. Pregnant or lactating people consult a doctor prior to use. Shelf life after opening: 6 months

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