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DR.HC Dropshipping Program - Membership Approval/Renewal Fee




Only 2 steps:

  1. SEND US YOUR INFORMATION by filling out this application form (1~2 minutes to complete).
  2. GET YOUR MEMBERSHIP. Choose a billing plan, click "Add To Cart" button just like you are purchasing a physical product, and complete your payment.
*Both of the 2 steps must be properly completed, otherwise you will not be approved.


After you complete the 2 steps above, your membership will be activated. One of our representatives will contact you via email within 1~2 business days to set up your member account. We may require additional information/documents if needed.

Details about this DR.HC Dropshipping Program can be found on the program page HERE



  • This membership approval/renewal fee (also called "membership fee") is for us to authorize you (to approve you as a member or to renew your member status) for a certain period of time. Membership fees are not subject to refund or partial refund for any reason, no matter whether you will use your member benefits during the authorized period or not. 
  • Membership is a subscription and will be automatically renewed unless you cancel it before it is renewed.
  • All members are required to pay a setup fee of $50, which will be included in your first payment. If you choose the "No Branding - Monthly" billing plan, you will be billed $60 when signing up, and $10/month from the 2nd month. If you choose the "No Branding - Yearly" billing plan, you will be billed $140 when signing up, and $90/year from the 2nd year. If you choose the "Branding - Monthly" billing plan, you will be billed $70 when signing up, and $20/month from the 2nd month. If you choose the "Branding - Yearly" billing plan, you will be billed $230 when signing up, and $180/year from the 2nd year SAVE 25% WITH THE YEARLY PLAN!



  • If you use "Dropship Via Web" method (adding products via CSV file or manually copy/paste), please choose the "DROPSHIP VIA WEB" membership type
  • If you use "Dropship Via App" method (adding products and ordering via 3rd party app), please choose the "DROPSHIP VIA APP" membership type 

Details about the differences in membership types can be found on the program page HERE



CHOOSE "QUANTITY" DEPENDING ON THE NUMBER OF YOUR STORES. For example, if you are going to sell our products in 2 different online stores (different website domains), you'll need to choose "2" for quantity, and these stores must be registered with us in the application form (Step 1).

If you have more than 10 stores or you are a website builder or a 3rd party who would like to distribute our products to other retailers, please email us for information about our special offer


  • Being authorized to list and sell our products is one of the member benefits. If your membership is canceled, listing/ selling our products is not allowable.
  • Editing our product images is not allowable.
  • All information provided by us (including product descriptions and images) is only for you to use. All retailers must be authorized by us. Transferring/ Selling/ Commercializing the provided information is not allowable and might be subject to copyright infringement and fines.


*By joining this DR.HC Dropshipping Program, you have read and fully agreed with DR.HC Dropshipping Program's Terms & Policies as well as our company's Terms & Policies


Ask a Question
  • I want to dropship to my Ebay store-will i need a CSV file? or do i need to do this manually (copy/paste?)

    Hi Eli,
    After being our dropshipping member, you can do both. 
    1. Manually post our products to your Ebay store (copy/paste). No need to have a csv file in this case.
    2. Import our products into your website via a csv file first, then sync them from the website to your Ebay store.
    Basically, it depends on how your website works.

  • how do i get approved to sell your product on my online shopify store?

    Hi Jamal,
    Please follow the 2 steps listed above.

  • i would like a listing of your product to integrate into my woo-commerce store. How do I go about getting a list.

    Hello Amanda,
    Please email to help@drc-lab.com and let us know your dropshipping account email, we can send you an updated CSV file. Thank you.

  • Do you private label or blank label products to support dropshipping branding? What is the shipping time for both domestic and international customers?

    Hi Kirtis,
    We do private label or blank label products. You can learn more about our Custom Cosmetics service here.
    We don't stock and dropship your customized products, however, if you use our customize service, we can introduce you other third parties who can help you with inventory management and dropshipping your products.

    Regarding to our dropshipping program, please refer here for domestic & international shipping time https://drc-lab.com/pages/shipping

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Updated: Oct 05, 2022