Custom Label Design Registration Fee



If you want to change the default label design of our PL stocked formula to your own design, you have to register your label design with us. After your label design is registered in our system, we will use your custom label design for all orders we make and send to your customers.

The fee is for registering 1 label design. You can register custom label designs for as many products as you want, please choose an appropriate QUANTITY when purchasing this service (i.e. if you want to change label design for 2 products, please choose QUANTITY 2)

This is a one-time feeOnce a custom label design is registered with us, it will always be effective during your active membership.

After you pay the fee, we will contact you about the specifications of the labels, then you prepare the label designs and send them to us via email.


Please note: To have digital mockups of the product which has a custom label design, you will need to order a sample of the product, then photograph by yourself or use our Professional Photography Service.



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  • Hi, I have a similar questions. For example if I wanted to rename the shades of lisptick would I be paying for each of those labels to be different? But If I kept your name of a moisturizer and just had my font- then I would not purchase this correct? Finally if I want my logo/name on all the products themselves then would I pay this for each product I want to sell? For example, 5 lipstick shades and 5 lip gloss shades - would that be 10 quantities of the $100= $1000?

    Hi Kaija,

    If you only change the names of the products or only change the font of product names, you DO NOT need to purchase this "Custom Label Design" service.

    Please note that, you can change the product names, but cannot change the shade names. 

    If you want my logo/name on all the products themselves, you DO NOT need to purchase this "Custom Label Design" service. Once you join this program (without purchasing this "Custom Label Design" service), your logo will show up on ALL PL stocked formulas products, you can dropship some of them or all of them. 

  • If we are looking to sell skincare products in 4 different categories e.g. cleansers, moisturisers, sunscreens & eye creams, would it make sense to order & pay for 4 different custom label designs?

    Hi Alex,
    You would need to order this Custom Label Designs add-on service for all PRODUCTS (not categories) that you would like to use your custom design as each product label would be different from the others.

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Updated: Apr 18, 2024